Anudip Foundation

Media Production

At Anudip, we provide a certificate programme in media production which introduces students to the general practice of media arts and teaches technical skills in specific areas of media production. Students learn the latest techniques in video production, web design, 3D modelling and animation. We incorporate the following topics into the curriculum: introduction to Photoshop; understanding the print industry and printing technology; tools in Photoshop application masks; filters and editing selections in Photoshop; introduction to Camtasia; animation in Camtasia 9 and creating simulation in Camtasia 9.

BDT 10,000 BDT 2,000
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Learners can expect a significant improvement in their careers as the demand is high for people who can explore and implement new design ideas.

  • Video producer
  • Television, radio, sports media and online producer
  • Web animation producer
  • Digital media professional
  • Adobe Photoshop

    • Compare and define pixel, image size and image resolution
    • Compare raster graphics and vector graphics
    • Use selection, cropping and slicing tools
    • Create transparent background
    • Describe different palettes

The Anudip Foundation supports people to transform their lives by creating aspirational livelihoods through digital inclusion in emerging economies. Anudip is operational in India and USA and has been working for the empowerment of young people from vulnerable backgrounds since 2007.

The foundation works with women and youth groups from marginalised communities of various ethnic and religious minority groups, political refugees, persons with disabilities and victims of trafficking.

The participants undergo continuous improvement, in-depth and diverse training and continuous mentoring at numerous skills development training centres across India. The curriculum of the foundation is enriched with industry-specific customised content, which is highly recognised by employers, and is evidential through its stellar placement records.

Anudip is a strategic partner of iMerit Technology Services, a global leader in artificial intelligence, machine learning and other breakthrough technologies. Over 1000+ Anudip alumni have been employed by iMerit.

Anudip takes pride in helping world-class organisations implement their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives and has always been responsible to its sponsors in fulfilling its commitments for accelerating socioeconomic good.